Pricing Small Print
Please note that the prices above are a guide and the price will be dependent on your dog’s coat condition, temperament and the grooming schedule. We will recommend a grooming schedule appropriate to your dog’s coat and lifestyle, and the price will be higher if you don’t keep to this suggested schedule as it requires extra work.
De-Matting Policy
Our normal grooming prices do not include de-matting.

There is an additional charge per 15 minutes extra grooming time required to de-matt your dog.  This also includes having to clip short, as this takes a lot of time and care, and can also blunt or damage our equipment.

WE WILL NOT DE-MATT elderly, infirm or aggressive dogs – they will be clipped off for their comfort and safety, as well as ours.

We will not be responsible for any issues uncovered by clipping off severely matted dogs, as it is impossible to know what is lying underneath,  We clip off for the safety and comfort of the dog,  It is only hair, it will grow back!



Thank you for your understanding

Missed Appointments
Time slots are reserved to groom your dog.  We ask that you arrive on time, or let us know in advance if you may be late, so that we can make alternative arrangements.

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment, please give us AT LEAST 24HRS NOTICE, as we may have customers waiting for a cancellation appointment.

If you MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT, without giving advanced notice, you will be charged for that missed appointment and will have to pay in full before you are able to book another appointment.